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Our Vision

With A Focus on conceptual and application-based learning, we are striving toward debunking old rote-learning methods and nurturing you with personalized attention in a competitive atmosphere. We believe in laying the strong groundwork for entrance examinations such as AIIMS/NEET, JEE, and MHT-CET, and therefore we lay the foundation from std.XI onwards.

Our Mission

At Gaikwad’s it is more than indulgence in just academic syllabi, we make sure to create a learning atmosphere for students to grasp and learn with ease. We believe in student-teacher coordination for the best result.

What Makes The Gaikwad Classes The Best

  1.  Our course schedule- The course scheduled for the whole year is planned & given to students in advance. The time frame is designed in a way so as to give sufficient time for the students to cover the entire portion so as to avoid the sleepless nights during exams. The last 3-4 months are devoted to exhaustive revision tests.
  2.  Excellent faculty- We are equipped with the best team of experienced and learned faculty members who possess outstanding credentials, in-depth valuable knowledge, and ready to impart their wisdom.
  3.  Effective study materials- Our study material is meticulously prepared with the latest upgraded edition each year. The chapters are broken down into convenient units and cover all the concepts, removing repetitive materials.
  4.  Effective teaching process- Our unique teaching process focuses on making students knowledgeable, and confident, promoting them to think differently and retain their unique personalities.
  5. Test Series –
    Effective and systematic revision is the key to an outstanding result.
    In the beginning, the test series contains part tests that are in sync with the revision topics.  A question-by-question detailed analysis is given to students to identify and rectify their mistakes. Also, at regular intervals, mock tests for other exams like MHT-CET, JEE ADVANCE, boards etc. are conducted to give students sufficient practice for all exams and patterns.
  6. Teaching Hours- Our classes are held as per our student’s convenience.

Director's Message

Congratulations! You Have Chosen ‘Gaikwad Classes’ as a  guru effective guide, wellwisher. Thank you very much for trust you and your parents have kept on us to achieve grand success in XI, XII and other competitive exams. 

Managing Director's Message

Keep always in mind to think good and positive. Success in life is the ability to fulfill our desire with ease. Success is a journey not a destination. To achieve Success a definite goal is essential. Knowledge know no bounds. 

Better communication helps for best results


At Gaikwad Classes when you discuss some problem you will get a logical explanation, as to how to solve this problem in simplest way. Gaikwad classes provides you a great atmosphere for discussion about the way to study, and many different ways to learn and grasp things. It also teaches how to manage time during examination and also providing test analysis will help you to know the weaknesses and then you can improve yourself.

Concept Development Session(CDS)

In CDS, the students attempts the problems in classroom itself in the presence of the teacher. The problems are supplied by the institute on a daily basis. Usually, other institute distributes daily practice problem sheets and consider it an achievement in itself. We not only discuss the possible problems after each topic but also ensure that are done during the CDS, resulting in maximum gains for the students. Students keep aside the sheet once they are stuck up. In CDS, they solve the problems sitting in the class itself.


Rashtriya Shiksha Ratna Award

Marathwada Gaurav Award

Samaj Ratna Award

Program Details

Two Years Classroom Programme

NEET/AIIMS - With XI + XII Board-
  • Course Commence : 1st Batch: April  2nd Batch: June
  • Eligibility : 10th Passed
  • Course Highlights : Covers Entire Syllabus Of XI + XII + NEET + Revision Test Schedule With Chapter wise Assignment + Test Series Schedule
MHT-CET - With XI + XII Board-
  • Course Commence : 1st Batch: April 2nd Batch: June
  • Eligibility : 10th Passed
  • Course Highlights : Covers Entire Syllabus Of XI + XII + MHT-CET + Revision Test Schedule With Chapter Wise Assignment + Test Series Schedule
JEE Main/Advanced With XI + XII Board
  • Course Commence : 1st Batch: April 2nd Batch: June
  • Eligibility : 10th Passed
  • Course Highlights : Covers Entire Syllabus Of XI + XII + JEE Main/Advanced & Revision Test Scheduled

One Year Classroom Programme

Repeater - NEET & MHT-CET
  • Course Commence : June/July
  • Eligibility : XII Std. Appeared
  • Course Highlights : Crash Course Covers Entire Syllabus Of  NEET + MHT-CET With Daily Assignments and test series including study Material.
Gaikwad Foundation Course
  • Course Commence :   April/May 
  • Eligibility : 10th Appeared
  • Course Highlights : It Will Cover Basics Of JEE(Mains/Advance) & NEET + MHT-CET +  including weekly Test and Study Material.

Short Term Classroom Programme

Crash - Course NEET/ MHT-CET
  • Course Commence : March
  • Eligibility : XII  Appearing
  • Course Highlights : Covers Entire Syllabus Of XI + XII + NEET + MHT-CET With Daily Assignments and test series including study Material.


Top Rankers NEET-UG 2021
Sohel Shaikh
Chandrakant Thoke
Pradip Doiphode
Monali Devadhe
Prathamesh Patange

JEE 2021

Bhargavi Khadap
IIT Mandi
Yash Gupta
NIT Nagpur
Ashit Hinge
NIT Bhopal
Vedant Narkhede
NIT Bhopal
Neha Devkate
IIT Jabalpur

MHT-CET 2021

Aditya Magar
Jiten Topiwala
Tanish Patidar
Nikita Awaghad
Riddhi Vernekar
Ram Gaikawad