Director’s Message

Dear Student,
Congratulations! You have chosen ‘Gaikwad Classes’ as a guru, effective guide, and wellwisher. Thank you very much for the trust you and your parents have kept on us to achieve grand success in XI, XII and other competitive exams.
Friend, as a bird weaves its nest by collecting bits of straw, similarly with firm determination, continuous effort and hardwork, you must concentrate on each subject with great enthusiasm, perseverance and proper planning. You should also collect some dreams from the great ocean of knowledge and shape your future accordingly.
Remember, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’ and ‘will’ is the first step to success. On your way to success you will get the guidance of the experienced teachers of Gaikwad Classes, who pay individual attention to each student and have the best teaching skills.
As you know, Columbus had crossed the great ocean and Edmond Hillary & Tenzing Norgay reached the peak of Mount Everest with their firm determination. They had done that in a very difficult situation. But, for you, everything is in your favour and on every step an excellent guide is with you as Gaikwad Classes.
“A deer would not enter the trap of a lion.” Similarly, success can not be achieved by only imagination and dreams. For success you should work hard continuously till you succeed.
You should have a proper planning of your study, discipline, hardwork, perseverance and endurance.
You must put in constant efforts & have trust and faith. But remember, without trust you cannot achieve anything. You must have trust in GOD, your parents and our teaching. The expert teachers of Gaikwad Classes are always ready to remove any obstacles in the way of your study.
Wish you all the best.