Managing Directors Message

Keep always in mind to think good and positive. Success in life is the ability to fulfill our desires with ease. Success is a journey not a destination. To achieve success a definite goal is essential. Knowledge knows no bounds. Man, by his very basic nature has an unending thirst for knowledge. To achieve something in life one has to dream; and to fulfill his dreams, he must work with enthusiasm, persevrance and hard work. Lacs of students aim to become doctor, engineer, pharmacist, etc. They are having potential but they fail to achieve their goal due to lack of proper attitude and working methodology. Hard work is not a single step for Success. “Great things are not accomplished by strength, power or physical dexterity but by judgement, will and character.”
Doing right things at the right time with a right attitude is the matter of concern. “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.”
We, here at Gaikwad classes provide you proper guidance,  proper study material and regular weekly and monthly tests. Our faculty members are always ready to help and solve queries of each and every student. We are fully devoted for the student’s bright future.
We believe that the students are need in proper motivation with effective and relevant guidance, we provide it here.
For every course, we have a strategic and well-planned program which aims at utilizing the maximum strength and energies of students in  a well organized manner.
Wish you a good  luck.
Mrs. Kalinda Gaikwad

GEC. A’bad